Security architecture design

Security architecture helps businesses build security controls into their systems and products so that the three basic ideas of security—privacy, integrity, and availability—are met.

Security architecture can also be thought of as a unified security approach that takes into account possible security threats to data protection and privacy and shows where the security controls should be placed, managed, and enforced in the architecture, whether it's an application design or infrastructure.

Security architectures can become quite complex due to the various security aspects that are involved. Depending on the size of the architecture, it is not a one-size-fits all solution and needs to be tailored to your specific needs. These needs can range from the architecture framework that is currently being used in the organization, such as SOA, TOGAF, SABSA, or others, to the business needs and the various controls and functions that may already exist in your application or infrastructure.

We believe in collaborating with your organization to determine what works best for you rather than recommending technologies and processes that may not be appropriate for your organization simply because they are "best practice."

We can help you incorporate security architecture design principles to develop transparent security that will not tax your workforce through a thorough understanding of your processes and way of working.

We can help you with your security architecture design and processes, from control ideation to risk assessments and threat modeling.