Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) risk assessment

A Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) is a computer or computer system that is necessary for the continuous supply of a critical service. The loss or breach of a computer or computer system will have a devastating effect on the availability of critical services in operational regions.

Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) operators are confronted with rising regulatory obligations as well as rapid technology change. Because of the evolving threat landscape, it is more difficult for companies to defend their critical information infrastructure.

We seek to strengthen cybersecurity in major industries such as banking, broadcasting, and utilities in order to strengthen the country's critical information infrastructure's cyber resilience against cyber threats and assure the continuity of essential services.

In accordance with the Cybersecurity Act, the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) has made available the Commissioner of Cybersecurity's Codes of Practice or Standards of Performance for the regulation of owners of Critical Information Infrastructure (CII). According to the CCoP, the CIIO (Critical Information Infrastructure Owner) is in responsibility of ensuring that critical environments and technology are up to date, that personnel are fully trained, and that procedures are tested.

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